There has been a rapid growth in the used car industry in the last few years across the globe. With rising living standards, rapid urbanization, and developing economies, owning a car has become a basic necessity. With this rise in demand and supply, the entire process involved in buying and selling used cars has also become more convenient. Selling used cars is now an established business with more used cars bought and sold today than ever before. Like any business, the used car industry has also developed various...continue reading

The blue oval is all set to dominate the automobile market in 2021 with the release of the exciting new Ford Mustang Mach-E. This new all-electric car might share its name with Ford's classic Mustang, but it is packed with all the latest features. It is the first-ever all-electric crossover by Ford combining the iconic design features of the classic Ford Mustang and the latest technological innovations. Once available, the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E will directly compete with electric car manufacturer Tesla. All...continue reading

Considered to be the largest model of the Jeep brand, the Jeep Gladiator for the model year 2021 is known for its overall utility and its off-road capabilities.

There are not too many new features in the Jeep Gladiator for the model year 2021. The vehicle was launched in 2019 and its slightly premature for any mid-cycle refresh. However, the Gladiator does have a V6 engine powered by diesel. Its 3.0-liter diesel engine offers a horsepower of 260 and a torque of 442 lb-ft. These engine features enable you to...continue reading

If you're shopping for a classy heavy-duty pickup truck that can handle the most difficult jobs, there is no better vehicle than the Ram Heavy Duty. The Ram 2500 for the model year 2021 is much ahead of their rival heavy-duty trucks. They are known for their unmatched luxury and ride quality options.

Additionally, the largest Rams feature impressive engine-torque and max towing figures. These heavy-duty pickup trucks can pull as much as 37,100 pounds. Their Cummins diesel makes up to a torque of 1075 lb-ft. Its rival...continue reading

Jeep comes with a wide variety of models of Grand Cherokee to accommodate all kinds of lifestyles. It has affordable models such as the Laredo, as well as the classy Summit trim. The standard V-6 model would be suitable for most buyers, but there is a V-8 360-hp engine for all such customers who are looking for more grunt.

Many automakers are migrating to more compact turbocharged engines. However, there have been some speculations that the upcoming standard Grand Cherokee would not give much importance...continue reading